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In this episode we are exploring “Abundance rising from crisis” with a new Insight Journey.  (00:00) Intro    (00:22) New Year, New Abundance    (05:20) Meditation: Abundance rising from crisis ...more

From the webinar “Rebuilding Team Spirit” In this episode I am sharing insights and systemic practices about rebuilding team spirit. Team spirit is not only a way of working together. ...more

In this episode, I am sharing segment form the recent webinar about “Succession Dynamics”. Succession planning is a highly dynamic process. The actual hand-over is not only a short period ...more

In this episode, I am sharing systemic perspectives and practices for Team Building from my work with teams and organisations. This episode contains the audio replay of the related webinar. ...more

Innovation is the result of an inner movement. In this episode you can experience the initiation of this movement. You may want to listen to this episode in situation where ...more

Reflect, Renew, Restart – A series for enabling successful (self)-renewal and innovation. This first episode offers the opportunity for reflection to surface insights.  The related webinar provides further information and ...more

A guided meditation for exploring a brand from a systemic perspective. This episode was made available in the course “Marketing Constellations”. A complete Module is dedicated the “Unique Value Proposition ...more

Dynamic Growth is a phenomenon which impacts people, company and entire ecosystems and nations. Understanding the dynamics of growth is important for survival and success. In this episode you can ...more

O Crescimento Dinâmico é um fenômeno que afeta pessoas, empresas e ecossistemas e nações inteiras. Compreender a dinâmica do crescimento é importante para a sobrevivência e o sucesso. Neste episódio, ...more

In this episode we are exploring the aspects of money flows and financial matters for a systemic perspective.  This episode is related to a free webinar with the same title: ...more

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Constellateur Podcast Highlights

The Constellateur Podcast features episodes about systemic insights for organization, work and career, family and relationships. 
  • Systemic insights for your work, organization and business.
  • Insight Journeys - Guided Meditations. 
  • Interviews with Guests. 
  • Answers to questions which are submitted to the podcast host.
  • Systemic Affirmations. 

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