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Learn five professional ways and examples how to say No to a job request which is conflicting with your other commitments, while maintaining a positive relationship. These approaches include communicating ...more

In this episode, we dive into the topic of “How to Build Resilience for Growth with Systemic Insights“. We explore practical tips for fostering self-awareness, cultivating supportive relationships, and embracing ...more

In this episode, we explore the significance of the spirit in relationships and organizations. The spirit, symbolizing unity and inspiration, has the power to breathe life into our connections. It ...more

In this episode, we explored the topic of conflict resolution in family-owned businesses and how systemic coaching techniques can help resolve conflicts, promote collaboration, and foster a harmonious work environment. ...more

In this episode, we are discussing how to overcome resistance to change in family-owned enterprises. We started by exploring the reasons why change can be difficult in family businesses, including ...more

Succession Challenge In this episode of Systemic Constellations Coaching Insight Journeys, we discussed the challenges of finding the right leader for your family-owned enterprise. We provided expert tips and advice ...more

In this guided meditation for Renewal and Rebirth, we will reflect on the themes that are central to rediscovering growth. Through guided imagery and visualization exercises, we will explore what ...more

How to conclude a systemic coaching session? This episodes builds on the previous topic. And in this episode we are discussing 3 examples of closing phrases for a systemic consultation ...more

The opening phrase for a systemic coaching and consultation can have a significant impact on the development and result. In this episode we are exploring the example opening phrases for ...more

In this episode, Ishare three simple but powerful ideas that managers can apply in their day-to-day work using principles from systemic approaches. By setting clear intentions, creating safe and open ...more

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Constellateur Podcast Highlights

The Constellateur Podcast features episodes about systemic insights for organization, work and career, family and relationships. 
  • Systemic insights for your work, organization and business.
  • Insight Journeys - Guided Meditations. 
  • Interviews with Guests. 
  • Answers to questions which are submitted to the podcast host.
  • Systemic Affirmations. 

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