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In this episode, Tom Wittig discusses the systemic approach to onboarding successors in succession planning and transition situations. He emphasizes the importance of having an onboarding process and starting it ...more

A conversa explora o tema de como uma organização pode ser curada. Discute sintomas de problemas organizacionais, como questões de produtividade e lucratividade. O papel do dinheiro e seu significado ...more

Systemic Scenarios for Succession Planning Succession planning in family-owned businesses is often delayed or avoided, leading to suboptimal outcomes for owners and the business. Starting early with succession planning is ...more

Navigating Succession Planning Process 3 Key Approaches for Overcoming the Vicious Cycle Succession planning processes and transitions are transformative journeys that have far-reaching consequences for organizations and communities. The decisions ...more

Job Interview Questions for your next job Many candidates focus on logistical aspects of a job during interviews, but fail to gain deeper insights about the company and the role. ...more

How to come to the point in conversations? In this episode, we explore the common challenge of losing our counterpart or audience in conversation and strategies to overcome it. Drawing ...more

Career Transition Tips In this episode, we explored the essential steps to prepare for your next career transition. From clarifying your motivations to exploring options, reflecting on your capabilities, leveraging ...more

Learn five professional ways and examples how to say No to a job request which is conflicting with your other commitments, while maintaining a positive relationship. These approaches include communicating ...more

In this episode, we dive into the topic of “How to Build Resilience for Growth with Systemic Insights“. We explore practical tips for fostering self-awareness, cultivating supportive relationships, and embracing ...more

In this episode, we explore the significance of the spirit in relationships and organizations. The spirit, symbolizing unity and inspiration, has the power to breathe life into our connections. It ...more

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The Constellateur Podcast features episodes about systemic insights for organization, work and career, family and relationships. 
  • Systemic insights for your work, organization and business.
  • Insight Journeys - Guided Meditations. 
  • Interviews with Guests. 
  • Answers to questions which are submitted to the podcast host.
  • Systemic Affirmations. 

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