Onboarding Successors – 3 Easy Systemic Practices 

 March 24, 2024

By  Tom Wittig

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March 24, 2024

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In this episode, Tom Wittig discusses the systemic approach to onboarding successors in succession planning and transition situations. He emphasizes the importance of having an onboarding process and starting it early in the evaluation phase. Tom also highlights the significance of finding the successor’s place within the organization and respecting the inherent orders. He provides practical tips for successors to support their onboarding process. Overall, the conversation explores the challenges and strategies for successful onboarding of successors.


  • Having an onboarding process is crucial for successful succession planning.
  • The onboarding process should start early, ideally during the evaluation phase of potential successors.
  • Respecting the inherent orders within the organization is essential for the successor to find their place.
  • Successors can support their onboarding process by acknowledging their position, engaging with long-time members, and understanding the importance of the organization’s fabric.


00:00 Introduction

00:28 The Importance of Onboarding Successors

01:28 The Onboarding Process

04:26 Systemic Practices for Onboarding

06:18 Conclusion

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