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Formazione Costellazione Sistemica | Milano

Formazione Costellazione Sistemica | Milano

20. October 2023 - 21. October 2023    
9:00 - 18:00
Successione e Transizione - Formazione Costellazione Aziendale | Milano

Successione e Transizione - Formazione Costellazione Aziendale | Milano

SUCCESSIONE e Transione. Formazione costellazione familiare e aziendale.

Systemic Constellation Training Workshop Events

Workshops, Trainings, Webinars, Seminars

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Organization Constellation Facilitator and Family Constellation Training and Experiences

Do you want to experience a constellation for the first time or do you want to expand your skills and competencies to apply and facilitate systemic constellations?

You can find insights, inspiration and instructions in our learning experiences which include:

  • Family Constellation Seminars.
  • Family Constellation Online Training.
  • Family Constellation Facilitator Online Training.
  • Organization Constellations Workshops.
  • Systemic Change Consultant Online Training and In-Person Workshops.
  • Custom and invidiual Consulting for Organizations, Management and Policy Makers in Organizations.
  • Family Constellation for Inheritance Situations.
  • Succession Planning Systemic Constellations.
  • Career Constellation, Professional Development and Orientation for Re-Inventing your Profession and Career.

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Constellation Facilitator Training Online

Yes, we are offering Constellation Online Training Experiences and events. Please check out our events listing for upcoming events and join our newsletter.

Systemic Organization Consulting, Coaching and Constellations

Do you have a specific requirement for your organization or a leadership issue which you want to explore and resolve with systemic constellations?

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Company In-house Constellation Training and Experiences

For business organizations, enterprises in the private sector and organizations in the public sector we are offering specalized organization and family constellation workshops and experiences.

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Free Resources for Organization and Family Constellation Training and Experiences

For beginners, facilitators and users of organization constellations and family constellations wer are offering a variety of FREE resources. This includes open webinars and content we are sharing on social media platforms and the Constellateur YouTube Channel.

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