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A living passion for surfacing systemic insights for work, business and organisation, and family relationships. 

About my work, journey and experience in Systemic Constellations

Thank you for Your interest in systemic work in organizations, work and families. As a systemic constellation expert, lecturer, coach and advisor, I've spent years helping individuals and organizations navigate complex systems, identify underlying issues, and develop effective solutions.

On this page, I'll share my story, work experience, and education, so you can get to know me better and understand how I became an expert in my field. Whether you're looking for guidance in your personal or professional life, I'm here to share my expertise and help you thrive in today's ever-changing world.

So, let's explore the work and journey together!

Systemic Constellation, Consulting and Coaching Areas
  • Systemic Organization Constellations
  • Systemic Consulting and Coaching for Leaders, Entrepreneurs and Teams
  • Family Constellations, Family Enterprise Advisory
Special Focus Areas for Systemic Approaches
  • Systemic Leadership Development
  • Dynamics of Innovation and Self-Renewal
  • Systemic Branding, Marketing, and Customer Growth
  • Systemic Finance, Money Flow, Owner and Investor Relationships
  • Systemic Crisis and Systemic Recovery, Turn-Around, and Resilience
  • Deep Conflict Resolution
  • Succession Planning, Inheritance, Asset Distribution

How my Systemic Insights Journey began

It was around the year 2000 when several movements came together in my life. My responsibilities at work had increased. I moved from Europe to the United States to embark on the next step in my career. And I noticed a certain increase in perceived complexity. A small change could lead to a massive impact. And more importantly, I saw how people in organizations were struggling  to cope with complexity, both on a relationship level and dealing with quantitative change and impact. 

In the late 90s I had begun to explore Systems Thinking. It introduced me into a new way of thinking and working. It was very interesting but it did not seem so practical in daily work. Then two things emerged. I discovered the field of quantitative system dynamics modelling, which was pioneered already in the 70s by a group at MIT, led by Jay W. Forrester, the founder of the field of System Dynamics. This led me into the rather quantitative and formal way of modelling systems for policy analysis and designing resilient, sustainable social, economic and environment systems.

After I few courses in basic Systems Thinking and System Dynamics Modeling, I committed to pursue a Master of Science degree in System Dynamics Modeling. This changed my way of working with complexity and change over time. In 2017, I received an invitation as Adjunct Lecturer in Business Dynamics at the Cooperative State University in Germany. In my courses I am teaching the application of quantitative System Dynamics Modeling in Business areas such as People and Organization Dynamics, Marketing Dynamics, Supply Chain Dynamics, Innovation Project Dynamics. 

And yet, in the ever growing business organizations which I worked in at the time, it became increasingly challenging to contribute and grow in increasingly complex environments. Managers and leaders in organizations were struggling to break through to the next level - including myself.

Evolving capabilities and competencies in key dimensions was required: people and organization, strategy, customers and running the day to to operational business. And I sensed that something was missing above and beyond the formal methods and tools. 


Later in the year 2000, I attended a Systemic Constellation workshop with Bert Hellinger, the founder of the field Family Constellations. This work immediately caught my attention. I wanted to know every about it. And I was especially interested in Organization Constellations. But I soon found out that the Family Constellation is the basis for systemic work, and it cannot be skipped. Therefore, I embarked on a personal experience journey. It started with experiencing and understanding the systemic orders in families and other social systems. Later I began to explore further applications in Organization Constellations. My interest in this field led me to pursue a rigorous training program and a university degree in Systemic Constellations. 

It was a special honour for me to receive an invitation as an International Lecturer and Seminar Leader for the Hellinger® Schule from Bert Hellinger and Sophie Hellinger. During this time, I had the opportunity to share my insights and experience with the growing field of people who want to learn about Family Constellations and Organization Constellation. The work in these seminars included not only management and family business topics. It reached far into areas such as deep conflict resolution, resilience, and the movement of soul and conscience in family-owned, private and public sector organisations.

Since I started my own own with Systemic Organization Constellations and Family Constellations, I shared my insights on this website constellateur.com, the Constellateur YouTube Channel, the Constellateur Podcast and in social media. And I am interested to hear about your experience and insights and the impact it had on your life, work and relationships. 

Why Systemic Approaches?

The systemic approach views an organization, family, or work system as a complex set of interconnected elements that influence each other. It considers the system as a whole rather than just the sum of its parts and emphasizes the importance of understanding the interactions between different elements.

By identifying patterns and relationships within the system, the systemic approach can help identify underlying issues and provide solutions that address the root causes of problems. This approach also recognizes the importance of context and cultural factors in shaping behavior and decision-making within the system.

Experience-based learning and growth.

Combining the rational mind and spirit mind offers a richer spectrum for informing our awareness, perception, attitude.

This leads to better decision making, communication and for taking action.

Systemic Constellation Coaching Workshops

My earlier work with systemic approaches was focused on informing my own perception and decision making. I simply applied the systemic principles in day to day situations. Since 2014 I became more active and productive in sharing my experience and insights to help others succeed. Here is a short list of some international workshops I gave on. You can also find more topics in the blog, the podcast, the YouTube channel and on social media. 

Join me at the next Systemic Family and Organization Constellation Training Experiences

  • Êxito na Liderança - Curso em Constelação Organizacional | Lisboa | 17. October 2024 - 20. October 2024 at All Day
  • Selection of past International Workshop Seminars about Systemic Approaches

    • Systemic Leadership Advantage. Beijing, China.
    • Transition - Systemic Insights. São Paulo, Brazil.
    • Systemic Communication Impact. China, online.
    • Costellazioni aziendali. Milano, Italy.
    • Um Novo Caminho Constelação familiar e organizacional. Lisbon, Portugal.
    • Communication Impact: Discovering systemic pathways in effective communication for growth. China, online.
    • Effective Learning and Development: Discovering the hidden dynamics of learning for personal, professional and business growth. China, online.
    • Systemic Branding: Client, Market, Value. Foundations for sustainable growth. Online workshop seminar. 
    • Reconnect Purpose, People, Products. Online seminar workshop. 
    • Beyond Crisis. China, online.
    • Money Flows. Dynamics of Value and Financial Flows. Online.
    • Customer and Business Growth. China. online.
    • Facilitating family constellations online with the Consellation Canvas. Online seminars.
    • Deep Conflict. Family constellations in Business and Organizations. Nanjing, China.
    • Seminário de formação para constelações familiares e organizacionais. São Paulo, Brazil.
    • Dynamics of Renewal and Innovation. Portugal, Germany, China, Brazil, Italy. 
    • Aufstellungen in Organisationen und Familienbetrieben. Germany. 
    • O crescimento começa na alma. Uberlândia, Brazil.
    • Dynamics of Growth. Capetown, South Africa.
    • Familienaufstellung in Familienbetrieben. Switzerland.

    Work Experiences

    Work Experiences

    During my professional career, which started in 1990, I had the opportunity and privilege to work in a diverse set of roles, organizations and industries. 

    Career Highlights

    A brief summary of key experiences wich had a high impact on my journey.

    • Since 2014, Entrepreneur, Industry Advisor, Lecturer and Seminar Leader.
    • Since 2017, Adjunct Lecturer for System Dynamics (quantitative modelling and policy analysis) at Universities. 
    • Former Head Coach for Startup, Scaleup and Entrepreneurship.
    • Former international lecturer and course leader at the Hellinger® Schule of Bert Hellinger and Sophie Hellinger.
    • Executive in C-Level positions in high-growth enterprises.
    • Former executive with international leadership experiences in high-tech companies (including Microsoft, SAP).
    • Earlier work and education in the life science and agri tech industry.

    Learning and Growth

    Systemic Leadership Training and Education

    Continued learning and growth has been an important aspect of my life and work. And I was fortunate that the enterprises I worked with earlier in my career invested in me. This investment provided a return for my employers, for people I mentored and for me in the long run - truly a win-win-win situation. And that's why I believe you should invest in your systemic leadership competencies, too.

    Education Experiences

    • Diplôme Constellations Familiales et Systemiques, “cum laude”, Université Européenne Jean Monnet, Brussels, Belgium.
    • Master of Science (MSc) in System Dynamics Modeling, WPI Worcester Polytechnic Institute, USA. 
    • Dipl. Ing. agr. Univ., TUM Technical University of Munich, Germany.
    • Microsoft Leadership Program. Microsoft Corporation and Wharton Executive School. USA
    • SAP Global Leadership Program. SAP SE and INSEAD. France.
    • General Management Eduction. MCE Management Center Europe. Brussels.
    • Quality Leadership, TQM, 6 sigma. CQM Center for Quality Management.
    • Swiss Institute of Board Members.
    • Management education in marketing, PR, finance, product management, strategic partnerships, customer service and success.  

    How to build your systemic skills and competencies?

    The best way to experience and build up systemic constellation and coaching skills is starting with yourself. Build your awareness, perception and competencies. Start informing your awareness and perception with systemic insights. Support your work, relationships, decisions and actions with systemic approaches. 

    An easy way to start is to listen, watch and read about the insights I am sharing from my work. 

    Start today building your systemic skills with bite sized content, tips and training from constellateur.com for your day-to-day life and work and leadership practice.

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    Tom Wittig. Systemic Constellation Coaching Expert.

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