Navigating the Succession Planning Process: 3 Key Approaches for Overcoming the Vicious Cycle 

 March 10, 2024

By  Tom Wittig

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Navigating Succession Planning Process

3 Key Approaches for Overcoming the Vicious Cycle

Succession planning processes and transitions are transformative journeys that have far-reaching consequences for organizations and communities. The decisions made during these transitions can shape the future trajectory of any organization. This conversation explores the key dynamics of succession, including the cycle of decline and the growth loop. It also discusses systemic approaches for successful succession, such as creating a systemic scenario, engagement and onboarding, and balancing relationships.

Key Takeaways

  • Succession and transition have a significant impact on organizations and communities.
  • The cycle of decline can be a major challenge during succession.
  • Continued investment can lead to a growth loop and attract more successors.
  • Systemic approaches, such as creating a systemic scenario and balancing relationships, can support successful succession.

Systemic Approaches for Insight:

  1. Systemic Scenarios.
  2. Systemic selection, onboarding and mentoring.
  3. Earn-in of the successor and earn-out for the owner.


00:00 Introduction: Succession and Transition

01:29 Key Dynamics of Succession

04:09 The Growth Loop

04:40 Systemic Approaches for Succession

05:10 Creating a Systemic Scenario

06:06 Engagement and Onboarding

06:28 Identifying Earn-In and Earn-Out

07:54 Balancing Relationships

08:24 Conclusion: Succession and Transition

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