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By Tom Wittig

September 25, 2020

3 Renewal Practices in Constellations for Innovation

How to start Systemic Constellations for Renewal and Innovation

In this article and the free webinar about this topic I am sharing more context and colour of innovation and self renewal. The movement of renewal has been a key aspect of my work with individuals and leaders in organization. These constellations usually surface many insights on a personal and organizational level.

The topics include:

  • What is the relevance and significance of renewal and innovation?
  • 3 key decisions leaders in organizations are facing.
  • 3 renewal practices you can integrate in your work and in facilitation of constellation workshop.

You can watch the replay of a brief compact webinar [30:00 min] about this topic.

The related compact online course about this topic is accessible in on the course list page. This short course includes additional renewal practices: three essential inner journeys to explore (self-)renewal situations.

The Significance of Renewal and Innovation

Renewal is a process which we encounter in various dimensions of our life, work and relationships. Without renewal, any “field” and system will decay. Renewal is a movement towards life. While decay is a movement towards death.

Our body is in constant renewal. When this process is interrupted or when it is loosing momentum, a process of ageing is setting in. Similarly, an organization which is loosing its innovation power will have a hard time to sustain its service and activity. This applies to family business, private enterprises as well as public sector organizations.

3 Vital Strategic and Innovation Leadership Decisions

In this context, there are three essential decisions leaders are facing:

  • Vision: Where are we going?
  • Field of relationships: Who blongs to us?
  • Innovation: Where is maintenance required? And where do we need to venture into new territory?

Not only the decision about innovation serves renewal, but all three of these decisions are intertwined and impact renewal and renew-ability of organizations.

Also, I invite you to reflect how this applies not only to organizations but also to personal realms in your life.

Effective Leadership acts in the Service of Life

Tom Wittig

What are “Strategic Decisions”?

A strategic decision is hard to revise. It has an impact on life, work and relationships in the long run. The dynamics of a strategic decision may play out over a long period of time. And initially nothing seems to happen for a long time. When the momentum builds up, suddenly everything happens in a short period of time with an enormous power and magnitude.

This dynamic is typical for the launch of new products – an example for the adoption of innovation.

3 Renewal Practices for Systemic Constellations about Innovation

In the webinar I am sharing 3 easy and effective practices you can try for yourself and integrate in your work.

  • Inner Journey: What is MY inner movement?
  • Perception: The New, The Existing, Myself.
  • Frontiers: Where is the boundary where it gets uncomfortable?

Watch the free webinar to get some more information and ideas about these practices. Also, for your personal work about renewal, self-renewal and innovation you may want to check out the mini course online.

Let me know your feedback, your experience and questions. You can leave a comment on the post on the Constellateur Facebook page, contact me, or share voice message for the Constellateur Podcast.

More Resources

The following additional resources are designed to help you explore the topics of renewal, self-renewal and innovation.

Compact Course: Renewal and Innovation

In this compact course, you are moving through 3 guided “Insight Journeys” about the key questions. In this course you will get:

  • Videos with the guided meditations.
  • Videos with additional explanations.
  • An eBook (PDF, 14 pages) for download.

Learn more…

3 Renewal Practices in Innovation Constellations [Free Webinar] 2

Podcast: Your personal Inner Portfolio

In this free podcast I am sharing a meditative practice to review and rediscover your personal portfolio of experiences, competencies and skills. It is a starting point and a check point on your journey.

Please sign up to our mailing list to get notified about new experiences and learning opportunities.

Conclusion and Systemic Insights

The key decisions about Vision, Group (as a “Field” of relationships) and areas of Innovation are connected and have a high impact on the ability to survive and grow.

Three renewal practices can help you to prepare yourself and your service and products for your clients.

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