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September 23, 2020

Integrating Systemic Constellations in Work and Organization

How to approach systemic constellations integration, build skills and engage others

How was your first experience of systemic family or business constellations? Maybe your first impression was:

“…Wow! I had no idea! It was an amazingly great experience. I have no idea what you did, but I want to learn every thing about it…”.

A common response from first time constellation workshop participants.

Well, you’re not alone. This is a common response from many people who participate in a constellation workshop for the first time.

In this Webinar Replay I am sharing my insights and some recommendations which can help you expand, apply and integrate systemic constellations in your won work and and in organizations.

The topics include:

  • The Essence of “Systemic Integration”
  • 5 Common Dilemmas for applying Systemic Constellation Competencies and Skills
  • Areas of applications for Organization Constellations
  • How to get started on your constellation journey.

You can watch the replay of a brief compact webinar [25:00 min] about this topic.

You are invited to learn more about systemic constellations in business and organization

You are invited to watch the webinar about integrating constellations for free. Get your access link by signing up here. Make sure to check your email inbox and confirm the emails to stay connected and up-to-date.

Resources for learning about Systemic Constellations Integration, Application and Experiences

To help you get started and to advance your systemic competencies we are providing a range of resources:

The Constellateur courses and webinars are designed to provide the key concepts, application and experiences. Check the courses and upcoming events.

The free Constellateur podcast episodes contains guided meditations (“Insight Journeys”), interviews and tips. The podcast is available here on the website and on popular podcast platforms including Apple, Amazon, Google, Spotify and others.

For an individual consultation you can book your appointment conveniently on this website.

Check out the Constellateur YouTube Channel with videos about family constellations, organization constellations, systemic coaching topics and ancestry constellations.

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