Systemic Leadership Advantage – Organization Constellation Training 2024 | São Paulo

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Systemic Leadership Advantage - Organization Constellation Training 2024 | São Paulo


2. May 2024 - 5. May 2024    
All Day


BRASIL: São Paulo - Hakka Plaza
Rua São Joaquim, 460 – Liberdade, São Paulo, Brasil, 01000-000, SP

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Systemic Leadership Advantage

Organization Constellation Training

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Language: Portuguese / German

About this course:

What is the relevance of Systemic Leadership? The relationships between leaders and their stakeholder have a major impact on the organizations. With systemic approaches an insights, managers and leaders can significantly improve their effectiveness to serve the business. As a result, the organization can attract new clients, grow the business and the brand. Without such leadership, the organization becomes vulnerable and sick. As a result, key stakeholders are losing their confidence and turning away. Especially during times of crisis, turn-around and growth, leadership is becoming a critical success factor to shape the success of the entire field of the organization. How can managers, organizations and helpers develop their systemic leadership capabilities?

Understanding leadership from a systemic perspective can provide a major advantage for sustainable business growth

Tom Wittig

Course content and curriculum:

In this seminar participants can discover systemic approaches and pathways for leadership, management and coordination in enterprise, family business and organizations. Learn and apply the key concepts and practices of systemic constellations for developing your own leadership competencies, building capabilities in organizations and work effectively in helping leaders and managers. A special focus is on the systemic aspects in connection to the dynamics and rational aspects.

The topics in this learning experience about Systemic Leadership include:

  • Understanding the systemic orders of leadership in business enterprise, family business and organizations.
  • Leading and following: How to strengthen the relationship within the organization and with external stakeholders?
  • Developing leadership attitude and behavior.
  • Helping others succeed as leader, project manager, consultant and mentor.
  • How to inform leadership awareness, communication, decision making and action with system insights.
  • How to step up as a leader within the organization? How to take on more responsibility?
  • How to integrate as a new leader in an organization?
  • Selecting, developing and growing leaders to support life and growth of the enterprise.
  • Evolving leadership in key business areas: customers, strategy, innovation, business administration and operations. Understanding important strategic leadership decisions from a systemic perspective.
  • Leading with and without authority.
  • Special aspects of leadership in startups, family business, enterprise and public organizations.
  • Systemic insights for effective leadership in middle management.
  • Doing versus leading: Evolving effective delegation to ensure performance, quality and responsibility.
  • Managing change with systemic approaches and insights. Understanding the key enablers of effective change and transition towards growth.
  • Leading across boarders and boundaries in growing, international and distributed enterprises.
  • Effective systemic helping: how to support and guide leaders as an advisor, consultant and mentor?

The content includes:

  • Short lectures: Introduction into cases and application of systemic organizational and family constellations.
  • Demonstration of approaches and how to integrate systemic insights in the own practice, work and management.
  • Working with questions and cases from participants.
  • Peer reviews: Review and recommendations for helpers, consultants and advisors in challenging client situations.
  • Guided Inner Journeys (Meditations).
  • Application of systemic insights in family, work, career, and organizations.
  • Guided exercises and practices which participants can integrate in their own work.

Lecturer and course leader:

Thomas Wittig is a renowned international expert for systemic approaches and integration in business and organizations. Thomas worked with many participants and leaders of well-known enterprises, brands and institutions. He combines his over 30 years of industry and leadership experience with system expertise. In his unique way, he combines the inner movement with quantitative system dynamics and decision making. Thomas holds university degrees in Systemic Constellations, System Dynamics, Technology and is a recipient of academic and industry awards.


Take your development to the next step and level. Join the growing field of participants and benefit from this seminar series:

  • Participants who want to explore and discover systemic approach and pathways for leadership, management and enterprise governance.
  • Managers and leaders in business and organizations who want to expand their systemic competencies for helping their fields prosper.
  • Managers and specialists in human resource and organizational development.
  • Facilitators, coaches, and consultants who want to integrate systemic perspectives in their own practice and work with their clients.
  • Family business owners who want to develop leadership capabilities in their organizations.

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