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Essential Questions for Renewal and Innovation

By Tom Wittig

July 2, 2020

3 Essential Questions for Innovation and Renewal

Doesn’t it feel great when starting something new? Suddenly everything is so clear and a flow of abundant energy is released. And it gets even better when our idea comes to fruition and shows traction. It feels great for ourselves and often it is contagious for other who see us with a big smile and meet us surprised: “Wow! What’s going on? You look and sound so excited?”

And yet, at other times it seems impossible to move forward. Nothing seems to work. We are stuck in the current “jam” and starting something new seems so hard and impossible. And we even find ourselves in this endless loop of the same recurring situations.

The desire for innovation and renewal applies to many areas in life and work:

  • A new relationship or partnership.
  • An organisation is looking for a new leader. But repeatedly the new candidates fail.
  • An owner and founder would like to hand over the family business to a successor. How can we give this in good hands?
  • A startup or a new project idea.
  • A new step in the career.

The question is: How can we move forward? How can innovation renewal and our self-renewal succeed?

3 essential perspectives for innovation

The essential perspectives and the related questions include:

  • Service: Whom does it serve?
  • System: Who belongs to it?
  • Topic: What is it about?

During the systemic constellations work, I am explaining the relevance of these three perspectives and their relationship in detail, for example in the live workshop, online webinar and course and in the related booklet companion (see below).

Distinguishing between renewal and innovation

You may have noticed that I am distinguishing between renewal and innovation. Through the work with innovators, entrepreneurs, start-ups and couples in our constellation seminars we see many different facets of the movement of the soul and spirit mind. And the reasons for an interrupted movement can have very different reasons. There is much to say about this. It will be a topic in another article. And we are surfacing this together step by step in our work during seminars, workshops and in online group teaching seminars.

At this point I want to provide only a first explanation for the practical work in this area:


Renewal refers to a replacement, replenishing and maintenance. It is a movement which is balancing decay. And therefore, is a movement in the service of life. Without renewal, the decay leads to vanishing and ultimately to death, for example of an organisation.


Innovation is referring to the discovery, exploration and creation of something new, which did not exist or was not available before. It is also a movement in the service of life, though in a different way. It leads to a move into a new territory which can be a mental of physical move.

When you are comparing only these two different movements in your mind and in the world around you, you can experience already a difference.

In another article, we will explore the consequences and possibilities, especially for innovators and leaders of innovation.

Read more about how you can integrate Renewal Practices in your life and work.

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