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How to enhance the facilitation experience with the Family Constellation Worksheet Canvas?

Online Constellation Facilitator Practices, Templates and Tools

This is the question I get most often from facilitators of systemic constellations these days:

“How are you working with clients online, Tom?”

If you are a constellation facilitator, practitioner or student in the field of family and organization constellations, you may still have this question. Like you, I was concerned, and it was a big change for me, when everything moved online. But then I realised that my clients and seminar participants were very interested in online constellations. And even more exciting, I discovered new insights and opportunities for online constellations.

In this article, I am sharing my insights from my work with online family, organization and business constellations. And I am making my approach, template and tools available for you to expand your own work with systemic constellations.

The Organization and Family Constellation Worksheet Canvas

When the Covid pandemic started, it was clear that it has a major impact the way how we have been conducting family and organization constellation seminars. The time of the in-person and presence seminars were suddenly over. Just a few weeks before I had given seminars in Brasil, China and other countries. It was very disruptive.

During the beginning of the Covid crisis I began to “unlearn” the approach and release my own beliefs how a constellations should be organised and facilitated. This opened the path for a phenomenological discovery and innovation.

How I discovered and developed the Constellation Canvas?

The insight and idea came during a systemic advisory session with a client …”accidentally”. And yet, we know that nothing happens “coincidentally” in the field of constellations.

The work with the client did not start as a constellation. It was a strategy and leadership topic. During this online meeting I provided some systemic insights and visualised it, using a presentation tool. And after the meeting the client said “…This approach is new for me and the result was counterintuitive for me, but it makes a lot of sense. Can you send me this drawing. I would like to keep it as a reference for me. ….”.

This was the “Aha!” moment. I prepared a template and tried it in a next constellation advisory session with a client, and then in another peer feedback (supervision) session with a constellation facilitator. The feedback again was: “…Would you mind if I use this as well in my work?…”.

This was the starting point of the Constellation Canvas.

The Constellation Canvas: Worksheet for organization and family constellation

The constellation canvas is a family constellation worksheet which is easy to use and adapt. It can be used with a standard presentation software tool like Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides or Apple Keynote. That makes it flexible and universal. It does not require a special software which needs to be installed.

How does the Constellation Canvas work?

The Constellation Canvas is a template for facilitating systemic constellation work with family, organisation and business. It can be easily applied, integrated and adapted.

Family Constellation Facilitator Canvas Template
Constellation Canvas Template Overview

The best way to learn about how to use this template is to watch the free webinar and take the mini course.

How I am using the Constellation Canvas in my work

In my own work I am using the Constellation Canvas for

  • Clarifying the as-is situation. This includes the members of the family or organization field and their relationships.
  • Demonstrating the systemic orders and in family and organization fields.
  • Visualising the challenges and entanglements.
  • Documenting the key aspects – especially the pathways towards solutions. This creates a new image, forward looking.

Some of the special benefits I discovered are that it can be easily applied, it supports a systemic discovery and story telling and it can used in individual or group settings online and offline.

Meanwhile I am using the Constellation Canvas in my constellation webinars and seminars as well. This provides a service to the growing community of systemic constellation facilitators and practitioners.

Check out the free mini course with the family constellation worksheet for download.

FREE Mini Course:

Family Constellation Worksheet

Learn how to facilitate online constellations with the family constellations worksheet canvas. 

  • Family Constellation Worksheet Canvas for Download.
  • Video Tutorials.
  • Example application case study.
  • Certificate of completion.


12 LessonsIntroduction

More Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Online Constellation Canvas?

Family Constellation Worksheet and Example Application Case Study.

The Constellation Canvas is an easy to use template for family constellation facilitators. It is designed to support an online family and organisation constellation. The template is provided in various formats, including Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides and Apple Keynote.

How to use the Constellation Canvas for facilitating family and organisation constellations?

Family Constellation Worksheet Example

The constellation canvas can easily be used and integrated in the work with family, organisation and business constellations. It can be adapted to the specific situation. The facilitator can also customize it with the own look and feel, brand colors, logo and session information. In the mini course, I am walking you through the canvas with some examples.

What are the advantages of using the constellation canvas versus constellation figures?

The constellation canvas can be easily integrated with existing approaches and methods. The advantages of the facilitator template include the ability to customize it, make copies of different stages of the constellation, hand out the work to the client as appropriate.

Where can I find more information about the Constellation Canvas?

A good starting point is to watch the free webinar and take the short mini course. See the web-links in the resource list below.

What is the price of the Constellation Canvas?

Currently, the constellation canvas is offered free of charge. You can make as many copies as you like. Though I am asking you to quote and refer appropriately.

How to facilitate organizational constellations online with Constellation Canvas?

The Constellation Canvas can be used for facilitating organizational constellations. It is easy to use and ready to use for an organization constellation. You can even adapt it to the colours of the organization. It is also easy to adapt it to your own brand colours. In the free live webinars I have been demonstrating the use of the constellation canvas. These webinars are also available as replays for on-demand watching. Also, make sure to sign up for the free mini course. It will help you get started in minutes.

How to facilitate family constellations online with Constellation Canvas.

With the Constellation Canvas you can facilitate, visualize and document family constellations. It is a great way to enhance your family constellation experience. With the free mini course about family constellation online facilitation, you can get started quickly. The Constellateur Webinars are a good starting point to see how I have been using this template for facilitating family constellations, organizational constellations and ancestor constellations. With the family constellation online family constellation training course you can take your facilitation skills to the next level.

How to facilitate ancestor constellations online with the Constellation Canvas?

The Constellation Canvas is an easy to use tool for facilitating ancestor constellations. The basic template can be used to setup, conduct and document ancestor constellations. With the free mini course you can get started within minutes. The advanced course teaches additional family constellation facilitation techniques and tools.

Can the Family Constellation Canvas Worksheet be used together with a Family Tree?

An example of an ancestor constellation starting on a family tree and constellation canvas worksheet template..

The Constellation Canvas is compatible with a Family Tree. You can use the Family Tree as a starting point to clarify which family members are known. The ancestor constellation with the constellation canvas is a great way to explore relationships and missing information. You can find more information in the course “Touching Circles” on https://courses.constellateur.com.

How to use family constellation figures together with the constellation canvas template and worksheet?

The family constellation canvas is compatible with the use of family constellation figures. The constellation worksheet and constellation figures can complement each other. This can be a useful practice, when you are used to working with constellation figures and you want to provide a documentation to the client. Both approaches are suitable for online constellations and for in person consultations. The constellation canvas has the additional advantage, that the client can move the representative symbols by herself during and online consultation session. Also, you can make as many copies of a constellation setting to explore different perspectives and pathways for systemic solutions.



Conducting family and organization constellations online offers new opportunities for family constellation facilitators. The constellation canvas template can support your constellation service and enhance the experience for your clients.

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