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Organization and Family Constellation Worksheet Canvas

An Online Course for Facilitators and Students of Systemic Constellations

Brought to you by Tom Wittig |

Are you looking for a way to continue and expand your constellation practices online? Here is your starting point. 

For Organization and Family Constellation Facilitators this free, compact online courses provides templates, examples and learning videos. 

What you will get in this course

This mini course provides

  • Templates for download.
  • Instructional videos how to use, customize and integrate the template. 
  • Examples how you can use the template. 

To access the download templates, please create your free account and login. If you have already an account, just enroll in this free course and it will be added to Your Courses list.

Now I am looking forward to welcoming you to this free course and to hear from you!


Tom Wittig 

PS: the way, if you want to share your work, your feedback, best practices you are welcome to send an email to Or you can request an interview on our Podcast, our YouTube channel or in one of the upcoming webinars. This could help showcase your work and reach more clients with your service. 

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Family Constellation Worksheet Canvas


About the teacher

Tom Wittig

Tom Wittig is the international expert for systemic constellations in organisations, enterprise, career and family businesses. Systemic leadership development and executive coaching. Organization constellation facilitator training program.

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