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About the Constellateur Blog

By Tom Wittig

July 1, 2020

Welcome to the Constellateur Blog!

A welcome message from Tom Wittig

In the Constellateur Blog I am sharing with you my insights from my work with systemic constellations in organizations, family, family business and individuals. I will be sharing both insights and thoughts as well as approaches and examples from different areas such as innovation, renewal, ancestry and genealogy matters.

About the Constellateur Blog

During the work with systemic family and organization constellations my clients asked me: where can I read about this? Usually I am pointing to interested people to various authors such as Bert Hellinger, who is the founder of family constellations (“Familienstellen” in German), and who has been as great mentor for me. And also from other authors such as Robert Betz, Byron Katie, some classic readings and many others. And they keep asking: And how about your own work? So, here it is then, my blog about constellation topics. This blog is augmenting the work I started with the live seminars, personal consultations, and of course the offerings in the online academy.

The Work

In this blog I will pick up also some Questions and Answers from the audience. You can email me at info@constellateur.com. Please, also leave a comment and rating under the topics so that I know which topics resonate and to bring you the content you are looking for.

Also, I would like to encourage you to subscribe to the blog, so that I can keep you updated on newest topics. And you are invited to join me on the social networks: @constellateur on Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram and of course in the online academy.

While I am offering work on a wide range of topics from personal and relationship to professional, career and organizational topics I am currently working on two focus areas. Both caught the interest of my clients and audience of followers. And both are independent and rich topics in themselves. And yet, they are related to each other.

Renewal & Innovation

In “Renewal and Innovation” we are exploring the movements of innovation on an individual and group (for example organization, community or family business) level and on a personal, professional and relationship level. This spans a vast area and gives much room for discovery and insights. During the past years I worked on a variety of different settings and challenges of different people and situations such as founders, leaders of business, family businesses, policy makers in public services, women in leadership positions,  and of course the respective personal situations.

A key question is:

How can renewal and innovation succeed?

We are exploring this question in our live seminars, webinars, online courses and individual individual work.

Touching Circles

The “Touching Circles” emerged as a new and yet familiar topic. In my work I noticed certain connections and pathways which led people to re-discover the stories and movements of their families. In most if not all cases it had a profound impact on their present life and the understanding of the current situation and on the ways forward. On one hand this is quite familiar in the family constellations. And yet, it turned out that is brought some new aspects to the light. There were so many cases where people reported that they were led to visit places and to meet people which turned out to have a connection with their family history, ancestors and even historical events. This is also very rich area and it touches many people on a personal and professional level. By that I am referring not only to the genealogy and ancestry research, but again it touches may families and family businesses.

A key question is:

What does it mean for me personally and for my present life?

And now I am inviting you again to join the journey and discovery.

Thank you for reading, for feedback and for sharing in your “Touching Circles”!


PS: In order to make the work accessible to many people around the globe, I am writing in English. Only from time to time I will write something in German if it relates to a special topic or situation for German speaking people. If you would like to read a specific article in the other language, please contact me and let me know. Please feel free to link back to the Constellateur Blog from your website or social media posts.

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