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Money Flows – Organization Constellations for Finance and Investment

By Tom Wittig

October 18, 2022

How to apply Systemic Constellations in Finance and Investment?

Redefine your attitude and approach towards money, financial success, investment and growth.

To understand conditions for success, you need to understand the nature of money from a systemic perspective.

In this compact webinar I am sharing my systemic insights, tips and recommendations about applying systemic constellations in enterprises, organisations and family businesses.

In this webinar you will learn about

  • What are the systemic properties of money?
  • Why do some succeed and some struggle even if they are apparently doing the same?
  • Example Constellation Demonstration
  • Live Q&A

In the following free webinar video replay I am sharing insights and systemic practices. Unlock this free video with your email address. Check your email inbox and confirm. 

Money Constellation Webinar

A free resource for you to explore

In this webinar, I am sharing insights and practices about money from a systemic perspective. 

The webinar is free of charge. Login is required. Create your free access during login and unlock a series of free videos.

FREE Webinar



Discovering systemic insights and dynamics of money flows.

1 Lessons - Introduction

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