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By Tom Wittig

April 25, 2021

How to improve your Communication Skills with systemic Insights

Developing communication skills is essential for building and maintaining relationships in business and families. In this video I am sharing my systemic insights and practices from family and business constellations.

Types of communication skills and channels

We are communicating all the time. Your verbal communication with words, sentences and sounds is only one part of your communication. The complete spectrum of our communication includes other channels:

  • With verbal communication you can be more precise and reach a larger audience.
  • With your body language you are conveying not only gestures, but we are also transporting our inner movements, motions and emotions to the outside. This non verbal communication happens unconsciously most of the time.
  • With symbols you can emphasise and associate meaning and emotions. Symbols are not only about logos and banners, but include also symbolic acts.

Choosing your message and audience

The message of our communication can have different impact depending on the context and setting. For example, a praise in private is less powerful than a praise in public or in front of the entire group. Therefore, it is important that we consider the context dimensions of communication:

  • Private versus public.
  • Individual (one to one) or large group.

Systemic perspectives of communication

The process of communication is an exchange. During this exchange you are receiving and giving. In its simplest form, this can be a question and answer. Though, in order to grow the relationship, a continued exchange in communication is required.

It is not enough to just listen. If you want to grow the relationship, you can simply acknowledge and add something to the communication. Especially when you use powerful word “and”, you are more likely to get into resonance.

Effective communication starts earlier, before you are engaging in the dialogue. It begins with recognising what the other needs and what you have. Or you can open the growing dialogue by revealing what you need and by discovering what the other has to offer.

Communication skills for resonance and impact

In this webinar replay video, I am sharing some insights and tips from my work with systemic constellations. Communication issues often occur in our relationships when the systemic order is out of balance. And vice versa, communication can also through our relationships out of balance. Therefore, it is important to become more aware about our communication skills and gaps. Understanding the systemic orders and dynamics can help you improve your communication skills and become more effective in our work and private relationships.

Key Moments in this video:

  • 00:10 – Topics
  • 01:12 – Channels of communication
  • 01:20 – Systemic perspectives of communication
  • 09:45 – Choose your message and audience
  • 13:35 – Example systemic constellation for improving communication
  • 15:08 – Communication in resonance begins in the soul
  • 16:07 – Effective versus ineffective communication
  • 18:55 – Communication Tipps for improving communication exchange
  • 21:50 – Communication integrates
  • 24:50 – Resources for improving communication
  • 26:11 – Live Q&A.

You can find more replay videos like this, on the Constellateur YouTube Channel, in the on-demand video list and in the resource library for organization constellations. The live events are a good opportunity to ask questions and get input on your specific situation.

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