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Successful Transition with Organizational Constellations | Beijing

By Constellateur

September 6, 2023

Successful Transition with Organizational Constellations | Beijing


6. September 2023 - 9. September 2023    
9:00 - 18:00


CHINA: Beijing - Dongfang Shengda Hotel
No.33A Dongdan 3rd Alley, Beijing, Dongcheng District, 100005, Dongcheng

Event Type

Successful Transition with Organizational Constellations

Restart and Growth in Challenging Times and Situations

Systemic Approaches, Concepts, Application, Facilitation.

Dates: September 7-10, 2023.
Location: Beijing. In-person seminar.
Language: German / English / Chinese.

About this course:
Orienting ourselves and adapting to new situations and opportunities is an essential movement in life and work. But when we are facing challenges in our personal field and work at the same time, we can feel overwhelmed. And these challenges can cause anxiety and stress in our family and organizational field. A treacherous dynamic which can hold us back and prevent us from succeeding again. Discovering transitions and opportunities with systemic insights can help us finding success and joy again.
“Transition and Renewal begins in our Soul”, Tom Wittig

Course content and curriculum:
In this seminar participants can discover pathways from crisis to growth. Learn and apply the key concepts and practices of systemic constellations for re-orientation, restart and turnaround in challenging situations. A special focus is on the systemic aspects in connection to the dynamics and rational aspects. The topics in this learning experience include:

  • Dynamics of renewal and innovation.
  • Understanding the dynamics of a successful transition.
  • Starting a new business, project or career.
  • Evaluating and selecting option with systemic approaches and insights: a new field, market, project, career.
  • Recalibrating yourself and your approach to cope with challenging economical, personal and systemic situations.
  • How to position yourself, your brand and business for success?
  • The systemic orders of crisis and breakthrough.
  • Investing and allocating resources in high potential fields.
  • Leading organizations during orientation, transition and renewed growth cycles.
  • Helping others during transition and growth challenges: How to be more effective as an advisor, coach and consultant.
  • Developing situational awareness, attitude when communication and taking action during transitions and renewal.
  • Understanding the orders and conflicts during transition.
  • Competition and cooperations between groups during transitions.
  • How to communicate and lead transition and change in organizations?
  • Understanding differences and working more effectively between teams in different cultures.


The content includes

  • Short lectures: Introduction into cases and application of family constellations organization constellations.
  • Demonstration of approaches and how to integrate systemic insights in the own practice, work and management.
  • Working with questions and cases from participants.
  • Guided Inner Journeys (Meditations).
  • Application of systemic insights in family, work, career, and organizations.
  • Guided exercises and practices which participants can integrate in their own work.

Lecturer and course leader:
Tom Wittig is a renowned international expert for systemic approaches and integration in business and organizations. Tom worked with many participants and leaders of well-known enterprises, brands and institutions. He combines his over 30 years of industry and leadership experience with system expertise. In his unique way, he combines the inner movement with quantitative system dynamics and decision making. Tom holds university degrees in Systemic Constellations, System Dynamics, Technology and is a recipient of academic and industry awards. …more about Tom Wittig.

Take your development to the next step and level. Join the growing field of participants and benefit from this seminar series:

  • Participants who want to explore and discover pathways during transition, restart and renewed growth.
  • Managers and leaders in business and organizations who want to expand their systemic competencies for helping their fields prosper.
  • Managers and specialists in human resource and organizational development.
  • Facilitators, coaches, and consultants who want to integrate systemic perspectives in their own practice and work with their clients.
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