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By Constellateur

May 13, 2023

Communication Training - Systemic Constellation


13. May 2023 - 14. May 2023    
8:00 - 15:00


Event Type

Communication Impact:

Discovering systemic pathways in effective communication for growth.

Systemic Constellations, Concepts, Application, Facilitation

Dates: May 13-14, Beijing time 15:00-22:00 (8:00 – 15:00 Berlin Time)

Online seminar.

Language: German / Chinese.

Registration: Please contact us for details.

About this course:

When communication resonates in the relationship between people, it can unleash a powerful momentum. But often, communication does not exceed. Lack of understanding, meaning or unfortunate ways of communication can lead to adverse effects. Understanding the dynamics of communication helps us to get into resonance. In this way, communication plays a vital role in growing relationships in families, communities and organizations.

“Communication in resonance fuels mutual growth”, Tom Wittig

Course content and curriculum:

In this course you can explore the challenges and opportunities of effective communication from a systemic perspective. Learn and apply the key concepts and practices of systemic constellations in relationships, personal and business growth. A special focus is on the systemic aspects in connection to the dynamics and rational aspects. The topics in this learning experience include:

  • Dynamics of communication.
  • Applying systemic orders to communication.
  • Relationships and communication.
  • Conscience: communication within and between groups.
  • How to communicate with clients, partners, employees.
  • Communication in the workplace, business and organization.
  • Systemic communication in marketing, public relations for brands and organizations.
  • Leadership communication.
  • How to communicate change in organizations?
  • Understanding and communicating between teams in different cultures.
  • Effective communication for helping others.

The content includes

  • Short lectures: Introduction into cases and application of family constellations organization constellations.
  • Working with questions and cases from participants.
  • Guided Inner Journeys (Meditations).
  • Application of systemic insights in family, work, career, and organizations.
  • Worksheet templates for personal exercises.

Lecturer and course leader:

Thomas Wittig is a renowned international system expert. Thomas worked with many participants and leaders of well-known enterprises, brands and institutions. He combines his over 30 years of industry and leadership experience with system expertise. In his unique way, he combines the inner movement with quantitative system dynamics and decision making. Thomas holds university degrees in Systemic Constellations, System Dynamics, Technology and is a recipient of industry awards.


Take your development to the next step and level. Join the growing field of participants and benefit from this seminar series:

  • Individuals who want to explore and develop their communication in relationships in family, work and communities.
  • Communication professionals who want to augment their capabilities and effectiveness with systemic insights.
  • Managers and specialists in human resource development.
  • Leaders and managers who are concerned with effective communication in organizations and business.
  • Facilitators, coaches, and consultants who want to integrate systemic perspectives in their work.

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