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Story Mining with Systemic Insight

Systemic Story Mining and Telling

Systemic Story Mining and Telling

Create and tell your story with impact

A compact webinar with Tom Wittig

How to apply systemic practices to story mining and story telling?

Learn about the systemic perspectives, insights and practices.

Compelling stories help connecting and remembering people, business, brands and experiences. Craft your personal and professional story with insight and tell it with impact.

In this compact webinar I am sharing my systemic insights, tips and recommendations about applying systemic constellations and systemic coaching in enterprises, organisations and family businesses.

In this webinar you will learn about

  • Systemic Perspectives
  • Insights from Systemic Constellation and Coaching
  • Systemic Practices
  • Insight Journeys
  • Live Questions and Answers

For participants who want to look at their specific situation or question: please contact Tom Wittig at or use the Chat and Questions features in the webinar.

This webinar is free of charge. The replay will be made available. This webinar will take 15-20 minutes.

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