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Systemic Business Constellations Webinar

Systemic Business Constellations in Marketing

Systemic Business Constellations in Marketing, Branding and Sales

Learn how to apply Organization and Family Constellation to resolving complex issues in Marketing

FREE Live Session and Q&A with Tom Wittig

Organization Constellations Online Training for Facilitators and Practitioners.

Don’t miss this FREE live session which is part of the MasterClass “Systemic Constellations in Marketing“.

From time to time we make some sessions of the MasterClass available. This is a great way to get an impression what the MasterClass is about and more importantly: You can ask questions about your specific topics and challenges. 

You can benefit from this this session by

  • Learning how systemic constellations can be applied to challenges in marketing, business development, sales, branding, pricing and more topics.
  • Learn how to build and optimize your own services.
  • Learn how to apply and integrate systemic practices in your own work.

The complete MasterClass program consists of

  • Group live briefing webinars with the lecturer.
  • Additional Video lectures
  • Systemic Exercises and Practices
  • Select material for download
  • Small assignments between the sessions
  • And you can request a Certification of Participation after completion of the course

Learn more about this program on the course page.

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