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Customer and Business Growth Constellation Training Seminar with Tom Wittig

2 Day Customer and Business Constellation Training for Growth

Customer and Business Constellation Training

Systemic Insights and Practices

Organization Constellation Training Course with Tom Wittig

Systemic Constellation Training

Live Online Training Course Details:

June 25-26, 2022

English with Chinese Translation

The course material including video replay and downloadable resources may be made available in the online course. This systemic constellations training will be conducted with an online meeting platform (Voov or Zoom).

About this Organization and Business Constellation Training Seminar

In this compact online organization and family training training course, you will learn about

  • Foundation of organization constellation.
  • Application areas in business and organization.
  • Integration in the management system.

This organization constellation training is led by Tom Wittig.

Course language: English with translation into Chinese.

About this business constellations course:

At the heart of every growing business are the healthy customer relationships. Winning, growing, and nurturing customer relationships is essential for successful growth. And as a member of the business, you are linked to customer relationship health directly or through others. The systemic field of the business is far reaching with hidden connections and dynamics. A lost customer relationship has its root problem often in a different space and time of the organization field. Developing systemic competencies in customer relationships can help you achieve the goal, vision and purpose you are looking for.

Course content and curriculum:

In this course you can explore and learn the key concepts and practices of systemic constellations in customer relationships and business growth. A special focus will be placed on the systemic aspects in connection to the dynamics and rational aspects. The topics include:

  • The systemic orders in organizations with a special focus on customers and markets.
  • How to apply systemic constellations for insights in customer relationships?
  • How to create the systemic environment and conditions for growth in business and organizations?
  • How does our family relationships impact our client relationships?
  • How to integrate the systemic approach and insights into your own work?
  • How to work with business partners?
  • How to expand and start branches in new locations?
  • How to deal with difficult clients and partners?
  • Application of business constellations in various areas of the organization and enterprise:
    • Aligning services with customer.
    • Choosing and developing products and services for customer success.
    • Winning and keeping customers.
    • Improving and growing customer relationships.
    • Advertising and promoting the business and services.
    • Finding the right price and value for services.
    • Effective feedback from clients.
    • Dynamics of innovation and growth.
    • Business to business. Business to consumer.

The content includes

  • Short lectures: Introduction into organization constellations. Example Applications.
  • Working with questions and cases from participants.
  • Guided Inner Journeys (Meditations).
  • Application of systemic insights in work, career and organisations.
  • Worksheet templates for personal exercises.


This course is led by Thomas Wittig. Thomas is a facilitator, advisor and lecturer of family constellations trainings, organization and business and coaching constellations. Thomas has worked with many well-known enterprises, brands and institutions. He combines his over 30 years of industry and leadership experience with system expertise. In his unique way, he combines the inner movement with quantitative system dynamics and decision making. Thomas holds university degrees in Systemic Constellations, System Dynamics, Technology and is a recipient of industry awards.

Typical participants:

  • Individual contributors in business and organizations who want to develop meaning and better relationships in work.
  • Entrepreneurs, leaders and managers who want to gain insights how to build and improve the enterprise and organization.
  • Facilitators, coaches and consultants who want to integrate systemic perspectives in their work.

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